The Project CLoCC Stakeholder Conference February 2017

Our stakeholders were given the opportunity to speak to the team to voice their opinions

Event date: at 10:00

On February 22nd, Project CLoCC held a customer stakeholder conference at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.

Our stakeholders were given the opportunity to speak to the team to voice their opinions and give their input to help shape the outcome of the project.

Potential customers and stakeholders had the opportunity to discuss specific work-streams within the project to gain a better understanding of the work we are doing and how, together, we can reshape the current connections process.

From these discussions, we were able to gain invaluable feedback and ask questions to help us understand exactly what our stakeholder’s need from us.


In regards to the Online Connections Platform, our stakeholders said:

  • In terms of ease of use, the prototype created was either “good” or “excellent”.
  • Our stakeholders like the addition of the new “Indicative Quote” being offered via the online portal. This additional feature to the connections process has been classified as “valuable”.


In regards to the Physical Connections Solutions, we found that:

  • 100% of stakeholders from the biomethane industry felt that the current oxygen specification of the NTS is a blocker to entry for their projects.
  • 55% of stakeholders asked felt that by only needing to meet the GS(M)R calorific value (and not FWACV as well) due to connecting to the NTS, would result in cost saving for their projects.


In regards to the Commercial Work-stream, our stakeholders said:

  • The current payment terms (40:40:20) are a blocker to 87% of potential NG customers applying for a connection to the NTS when considering the current connection costs.
  • 81% of our stakeholders stated that the expected operational life of their connection was equal to or above 15 years.


More information and feedback will be available in our next Ofgem report which will be published in April.

We would like to thank all who attended and a special thank you to everyone who filled out our questionnaire which helped us to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.