Update on enhancements

CLoCC considers enhancements to customer connections

Update on enhancements

In stage two of the project we have been considering providing enhancements for customers along with the Minimum Offtake Connection (MOC). Amongst those considered were:

  • Metering
  • Filtering
  • Compression
  • Pressure reduction
  • Pre-heat
  • Gas quality analysis

We used our stakeholder engagement day in February to survey attendees to determine which enhancements potential customers would like National Grid to provide.

To ensure the best possible decision was made, this data was combined with design analysis that we carried out, the result being that only metering and filtering would be offered as enhancements within the project.

Since our Stakeholder Day, it has been realised that there is a greater potential for the minimum functional specifications than the project proposed. A meeting has been setup with IGEM’s technical services department to discuss the potential of IGEM developing these minimum functional specifications and the work required to make them relevant to both transmission and distribution networks. This could standardise the designs across all network types and potentially mean a reduction in both cost and time for customer gas connections.