The ‘Skiosk’ – a compact solution for customers

A compact solution for entry customers has been developed

The “Skiosk” is developed

A compact solution for entry customers has been developed by looking more closely at a telemetry kiosk design.

As per the Uniform Network Code (UNC), all entry connections are required to have a telemetry kiosk in order to send gas quality data signals back to the Gas National Control Centre.

One of the project’s intentions is to utilise existing National Grid sites as a connection point, instead of a traditional under-pressure connection to the NTS. This will provide significant cost savings to customers.

However, some existing National Grid sites have limited space so it may be difficult to place our skid-based Minimum Offtake Connection (MOC) and telemetry kiosk on site.

To solve this issue, Premtech suggested a design combining the MOC pipework and telemetry kiosk, to develop a new combined design –  the “Skiosk” was born.  This will overcome the issue of space for some customers. 

The Skiosk design should work for the majority of sites but does have a couple of limitations.  For example, it can only be used for small bore pipework as larger pipework would place too much stress on the shell of the kiosk. There are additional technical specifications which also need to be considered but we believe the Skiosk will be able to support most customers who are limited on space.