Reducing the Cost of Connecting

Project CLoCC has identified many opportunities for reducing the cost of a connection

The aim of Project CLoCC is to reduce the current time and cost of connecting onto the NTS.

During stage one of the project many opportunities for reducing the cost of a connection have been identified

Modular designs

Developing modular designs for the physical connection solution onto the National Transmission System (NTS) via the conventional hot tap process as well as through existing assets such as block valves, multi-junctions and pig traps.

Pre-approved designs

Developing standardised and pre-approved designs reducing the need for site specific design costs.

Avoiding permanent power supplies

Developing a physical connection solution that avoids the requirement of a permanent power supply on site.

Reduce up-front costs

Challenge the current up-front cost to apply to connect to the NTS which is currently a barrier for many potential entry customers.

Re-evaluate charges

Investigating alternative charging arrangements for a connection.

Grouping connections

Considering the commercial opportunity for multiple customers to be connected at an individual connection.