Renewable energy kiosk

Solving the electrical supply challenge with the renewable kiosk

The renewable kiosk moves to Eakring for testing


One of the challenges facing the project was the need to provide an electrical supply to the Minimum Offtake Connection (MOC) module. Typically, an electrical connection is provided by the local District Network Operator (DNO), but these are costly and can take some time to establish depending on site proximity to the electrical distribution network. As reducing both time and cost of the total connection are the overriding aims of Project CLoCC, we needed to consider alternatives.

We looked at utilising the renewable power kiosk that was developed under Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) funding. This kiosk is fitted with both solar panels and a small wind turbine that can be used to charge a bank of batteries within the kiosk, which in turn powers the internal telemetry and communications systems.

The renewable kiosk in terms of whole life cost is a much cheaper alternative to the standard telemetry kiosk and DNO connection.

In July 2017 the renewable kiosk was moved from its original base at Orbital’s Stone office to National Grid’s training facility at Eakring. Here it will undergo a winter test programme to fully prove the system.

The kiosk is key to our success as we are relying on solar and wind power to support the CLoCC solution for sites that do not have power.