Physical connections solutions update

Standardised design: Cutting the time and cost of connection

Standardised design: Cutting the time and cost of connection

We identified early in the project that providing standardised designs would reduce the amount of site-specific work that would need to be undertaken.  This would reduce both the time and cost of a customer’s connection to the transmission system.

We have now completed an exercise to identify the number of connection scenarios which will be available through the use of the project’s standardised designs (80mm, 200mm and 300mm connections). Given we believe these sizes will cover the majority of our key customer base, we have identified 74 possible connection scenarios including add-on options of both metering and filtration plus the opportunity to utilise a renewable kiosk rather than a standard non-renewable kiosk.

The 74 options will be stored in the new customer portal when it goes live and dependent on the data inputted into the portal, a pre-approved and pre-appraised standardised design will be suggested for a customer’s particular project.

We hope this will provide the flexibility and choice customers are looking for when connecting to the National Transmission System.