Capacity on the National Transmission System

Project CLoCC develops capacity 'traffic light' system

For a new entry or exit point on the National Transmission System, a process needs to be followed in order to ensure that capacity is available to support flows at that connection.

Shippers can buy rights to flow gas into (or offtake gas from) the NTS by buying NTS pipeline ‘capacity’.

In addition, the Planning and Reservation of Capacity Agreement (PARCA) is a bilateral contract process when applicants can reserve NTS entry or exit capacity. It allows long term NTS entry and/or exit capacity rights to be reserved for a customer while they develop their project before finally committing to buy the capacity.

Project CLoCC has developed a capacity indicator as part of the online customer connections portal to allow customers to obtain an indication of capacity availability for their site location during their indicative quote.

A traffic light system of green, amber or red has been implemented to ensure a clear indication of capacity. If this indicator shows green it is hoped that a customer may then be able to follow an accelerated route through the PARCA process to reserve firm capacity more quickly.

This will be ready for customers to use when the project delivers at the end of October 2018.