Below are some frequently asked questions.  If you have any questions about Project CLoCC which aren’t mentioned below you can contact us directly via our contact page.

Why was this project instigated by National Grid?

Traditionally larger and generally conventional gas customers have connected to the National Transmission System, due to the large costs and long timescales involved. National Grid is aiming to provide gas customers with more connection choice through the deliverables of project CLoCC.


What is the project aiming to achieve?

Project CLoCC is aiming to provide customers with greater connection choice. The project aims to reduce the time it takes from initial enquire to “gas on” date to less than 1 year. The project also aims to reduce the cost of a connection onto the NTS to less than £1M.


How will the project achieve it’s objectives?

Project CLoCC is bringing together the expertise of three separate work streams. By looking at developing a web-based customers connections portal, offering a new suite of mobile, portable and scalable physical connection assets and further supporting this with new commercial arrangements, in unison these three work streams strive to tackle the time and cost objectives of the project.


Will the new web-based connections portal be available for existing gas customers to use?

Yes. In order to use the new web-based customer connections portal customers will need to register to use the service.


How do I contact the CLoCC team for more information?

The project team can be contacted by either emailing box.ProjectCLoCC@nationalgrid.com or visiting our “contact” page on the project website.


When will the CLoCC solution be ready?

Project CLoCC is due to deliver by October 2018