About Project CLoCC

At National Grid we have a specific and unique role to play in the development of the nation’s energy infrastructure.

Project CLoCC is National Grid’s successful entry into the 2015 Gas National Innovation Competition (NIC) and aims to minimise the cost and time of new connections to the National Transmission System (NTS).

Project CLoCC will develop a new web-based customer connections platform which aims to improve a customer’s application experience. The project will also produce ‘off-the-shelf’ standardised designs for connections that can be used regardless of the customer, size of connection, or type of gas. Both of these work streams will be supported by relevant commercial changes.

Project CLoCC is primarily pitched towards smaller and unconventional gas customers for whom connecting to the NTS under the current arrangements can be extremely challenging. Project CLoCC will ensure that a variety of connection options are available for the NTS’ changing customer base.

Furthermore, the learning gained from Project CLoCC will be considered for ALL future types of connection. As part of Project CLoCC, we will be engaging with both our existing customers and with potential future customers of the NTS.

Andy Malins

“Project CLoCC is a really exciting and important project, it is so rewarding to see and hear everyone’s passion and enthusiasm for it.”

–  Andy Malins,  Head of Network Capability and Operations Gas

National Grid has partnered with three UK based companies to deliver this project by October 2018; Premtech, Protech and Aqua.

Premtech Limited are experts in providing engineering consultancy and design management services for onshore pipeline and installation projects of all sizes. UK based, Premtech have vast experience working with almost all the UK major Gas Distribution Network owners/operators. Premtech have also been instrumental in the successful delivery of a number of previous innovation projects for National Grid Gas Transmission.

Murphy Land and Marine
is an engineering consultancy with experience of taking engineering projects from the feasibility/conceptual stage through to the detailed design and build. Protech will bring process design experience in unconventional gas field development, gas storage, gas treatment and biogas processing to the project.

Aqua Consultants
will be developing the web-based customer connections platform in order to facilitate the customer experience. Aqua Consultants, in conjunction with the water utility companies, has been the sole consultant developing the software platforms for the water industry.